Women's Wellness - Course Outline

Personalized Group Coaching

Throughout the course, we as coaches will help you to find what works best for you. We give you the tools to create healthy, sustainable, and attainable habits that work for your unique lifestyle and preferences. 

This is not a “one size fits all” course. The course will provide easy to understand information about nutrition, movement, sleep, energy hormones and more, from a Functional Medicine perspective. You will receive concrete tools such as questionaires, journals, mindfulness and movement videos - empowering you to make simple positive behaviour changes suited to you, your lifestyle and your personal vision for optimal wellbeing. 

Woven throughout each of the Modules, we will use breathing and visualisation techniques, together with specific Mindfulness practices in order for you to connect with what resonates with you, your needs and your intuition. These practices will assist you in discovering your deepest motivation, and connect with your vision for optimal health and wellbeing.

The group will be a great support to share your experience, motivate you, help you get back on track, celebrate your success and have fun together.

Module 1: Nourish & Energise

Nutrition, The Gut, Weight Management & Energy

  • The healthy gut – we will teach you about the importance of the gut microbiome, its impact on overall health, and how the foods you choose can improve your gut health
  • Nutrition - you will learn about how to provide healthy nutrition for your body and mind in order to enhance immune function, hormone balance, energy, detoxification, and overall health. Using techniques like Mindful Eating and tools such as the Food Journal, your awareness and curiosity around healthy food choices will naturally be awakened.  
  •  Weight management – learn about how nutrition, exercise and hormones affect your weight, calculating how much food you should consume based on your goals. Learn about intermittent fasting and how best to implement fasting strategies. 
  • Movement & Exercise – we will explore movement which you enjoy, and help you to create concrete individualised goals relating to movement.  
  • Energy – you will gain an understanding of how to create more energy in your cells and in your body through various different modalities such as nutrition, supplementation, intermittent fasting, cryotherapy etc.

Module 2: Rest & Rejuvenate

Sleep, Stress Management, Hormones and Relaxation

  • Sleep – we will help you to understand the importance of sleep for balancing and optimising your hormones, the physiological processes, which occur during sleep, how to improve the quality of your sleep, and how to create and implement good sleep habits.
  • Stress Management – what is stress and how does it impact our hormones? We will also give you simple effective techniques to help cope with stress
  • Self care – this buzz phrase is not only about health spas and expensive treatments. We will look at self -care and it’s importance relating to your health, and help you to create your own healthy self care routines.
  • Hormones – helping you to understand hormones and their impact on your health, in order to create optimal hormonal balance through lifestyle choices.
  • Relaxation – we will cover the physiology of hormones and relaxation, how to achieve states of relaxation, teach you relaxation techniques and help you to create more balance in a busy stressed world.
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